Inday Sara Duterte Shaves Her Head in support for His Father Presidency 2016

Inday Sara Duterte Shaves Her Head in support for His Father Presidency 2016

Inday Sara shaves head in support of Duterte's presidential run

Inday Sara shaves head in support of Duterte’s presidential run

Atty. Inday Sara Duterte shaves her head in support of her father, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for a call to run as President in 2016 elections.

The imposing picture of Inday Sara was posted to his Instagram account.

Last Monday, the final decision to run for a president is waiting for Mayor Duterte although he already announced that he will not run for presidency.

The mayor had earlier said that if he surfaced at the Commission on Elections main office in Manila on October 15, it would mean that he is running for president.

Earlier the mayor mentioned that it is difficult for him to run for president and one of the reasons is the lack of funds.

“Running for president is all about money, money, money. For how could you run for president if you do not have the money and I do not have the money, “said Duterte in an interview with the media.

The statement of the mayor has been contridicted by her daughter by posting a comment in her social media account

After the Instagram post, Inday Sara posted on her Facebook account a photo of her father with words “BAYAN O SARILI 10-15-15.”

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