Filipino Street Food

Filipino Street Food

In the Philippines, there are a variety of street food that you may see in places where a lot of people pass by. Filipino vendors are very hard working and persevering in selling their street food the whole day. Every Filipino has at least tasted the typical Filipino street food which are considered to be part of the Filipino Culture.

An example of street food in the Philippines is the famous “isaw”. But just what is an isaw? Those spiral or circle things in a stick that you would see the vendors barbecuing is a national delicacy in the country. Believe it or not, these are intestines of pig or chicken. Filipino people have been known to be resourceful and resourcefulness has brought them isaw, since they could make money of these parts of chickens and pigs that had no use before. It is worth trying though, a very unique and exotic taste that the Filipinos love.


Another would be the standard fishball which you would see practically everywhere. Since a lot of Filipinos now are on-the-go, they have made a street food in which you would just have to poke some fish balls in a stick and go. A lot of variations are also sold with this such as squid balls, chicken balls, kikiam, hotdog siomai and such.


Balot is another classic street food where a vendor shouts “balot” to call the attention of people. Balot or “Balut”  is a developing embryo of a duck which is boiled and eaten. It is a favorite of most filipinos but it is not advisable to those who have high blood pressure.

This is one of the pinoy traditional street food, the Balut Pinoy and is usually eaten at night.




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