Cebu Residents – Panick buying for the coming Typhoon Yolanda

Cebu Residents – Panick buying for the coming Typhoon Yolanda

Cebu City, Philippines – Residents of Cebu are now rushing to the Supermarkets and Department stores to purchase ready to eat food, goods, water, flashlight, candles and other important necessities in preparation for the coming  Typhoon disaster that will hit Cebu this Thursday, November 7, 2013.

According on the report, the panick buying started after an official news was announced yesterday that a Typhoon will potentially hit Central Visayas part. The Typhoon named as Yolanda in the Philippines with international codename as Haiyan.

The Cebu Local Government Officials declared earlier that classes will be suspended on those Provincial class and City government class at all levels this Thursday until Friday.

It was also announced by the local government of Cebu to suspended the work of public and private offices for two days (Thursday and Friday) except those working under vital agencies and members of the Quick Response Team to focus on monitoring the trend of weather forecast and news. These said measures are to prevent any accidents and accidents to occur if ever the typhoon Yolanda will hit the province.

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