Caramoan Island is the Secluded Paradise in Philippines

Caramoan Island is the Secluded Paradise in Philippines


Ever wonder how would it feel to have a place where you can make your great escape? Someplace like a hidden paradise where everything is veiled with untouched beauty of nature? Would you believe that there’s that kind of place in the Philippines? Yes, you read it right. Caramoan is a secluded and almost untouched island in the coast of Camarines Sur. It’s definitely a safe haven in on Earth.

The beautiful island of Caramoan is just a 9 to 10 hours land and water travel from Manila. It may be a long ride but everything is worth the time and effort. As you come close to the shores of this ecstatic water world, you’ll feel the bit by bit disconnection to the tiresome and stressful outside world. You will then little by little enter the realms of paradise as you temporarily leave the real world behind your tracks. The jolly and hospitable people of the islands will gladly welcome you with their big smiles and loud cheers.

What sets this island paradise apart from the other beaches and tourist hot spots in the Philippines is that it is composed of 14 euphoric beaches and islands namely Sabitang Laya, Manlawig Sandbar, Cotivas, Lahuy, Gota, Matukad, Hunongan, Tinago, Haponan, Lahus, Minalahos and Basod. Each has its own distinct characteristics that will definitely leave a big mark on your memory bank. Every beach island has something different to offer you. This makes Caramoan one of the best spot for beach hopping. The perfect white sand, clear waters and the great environment adds up to the perfect summer vacation that you’ll ever have.

If you’re planning to go on a summer trip, don’t forget to put on top of your list the Caramoan islands. It will give a whole new definition of summer fun.

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