The Abaga Falls in Iligan

The Abaga Falls in Iligan


Loving the great outdoors? Well, you might want to add Waterfall-Hopping to your bucket list. Iligan City, famously known as the City of Waterfalls, have 23 stunning waterfalls waiting for you to discover and conquer.

Forget about the commonly known waterfalls like Tinago and Maria Cristina. Time to discover the real, raw beauty of nature through the waterfall trekking!

Aside from the mentioned waterfalls, Abaga Falls is another waterfall in the city that is worth the adventure. Located in the southwest of Iligan City, Abaga is located in Barangay Abaga, Municipality of Balo-i. The height of the said waterfalls is twice as Maria Cristina.

The water source of Abaga Falls came from several underground springs which flow into the top of the falls through several streams. Now, here’s the challenge. Reaching Abaga Falls will take tremendous effort as the access towards the site is very limited due to irregular maintenance of the main road. If walking is one of your best fit, then hop into this adventure as it will take a moderate amount of walking just to reach the base of Abaga Falls.

Documenting the whole adventure will be great as what you are about to see, is not only the amazing waterfalls, but the interesting animals that inhabit the area around Abaga Falls as well. Many locals noted that the endangered Monkey Eating Eagle, or more commonly known as the Philippine Eagle, is one of the inhabitants of Abaga Falls. Many officials also found other rare animals like the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox, which can only be found in the country, but the Philippine Flying Lemur as well.

Several groups were formed to preserve the habitat of these animals since they are now in their near extinction due to illegal human activities such as poaching. One group named Save Abaga Falls was founded to preserve not only the said falls, but the surrounding area as well.

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