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Prices of Pinoy Bread may go down this christmas

Prices of Pinoy Tasty or Pinoy Pandesal bread may have to go down before the advent of Christmas. Based on the statement said by the Department of Trade and Industry

Food & Beverages

Yema Cake Delicacies in Quezon Province

Quezon Province, besides being the place where the Tagalog language is said to be in its purest form, has its own trademark delicacies and cuisine like any other region. However,

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Fossilized Giant Clam Shell found in Mountains of San Fernando, Cebu

Scientists believed that the Philippines was once at the bottom of the sea and due to massive violent earthquakes, land masses formed and rises to the surface. Can this Fossilized Giant

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The Foundation that Protects the Cagayan River

One of the rivers in the northern part of Mindanao is the Cagayan De Oro River. Its headwaters are from the central part of the province of Bukidnon and is

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Mags – The Birth of Philippine Fashion Empire

If there is a fashion brand that spells “Kagay-anon pride”, it’s MAGS. Owned by fashion icon and businesswoman, Mags Cue, MAGS have become a household name in fashion. MAGS is

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The Legend of Tinago Falls – Iligan, Philippines

The Philippines has many things to offer. From its famous tourist spots, 5-star resorts, sumptuous dishes, and even better views Mother Nature can provide. In Mindanao, one city is famously


Kalesa in Iligan Philippines

Kalesa in Iligan Philippines. Have you ever seen, or even ride on a Kalesa in Iligan Philippines? Back when there were less motor vehicles that roam the streets in the

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Malasag Eco Village Imposes 2K FEE for Photo Shoots

CAGAYAN de Oro City — The beauty of Cagayan De Oro is not anymore new to the locals. The Malasag Eco Village is one of the tourist spots in Cagayan